#LimitedEdition by Le15 Patisserie

To everyone in Mumbai, Le15 is best known for the patisserie that brought the sweetness of Paris to India.

Not only are they loved for their delicious French delicacies such as macarons, cupcakes and choux pastries, but for their emphasis on constantly using the finest ingredients, sophistication and simplicity, attention to detail and their packaging (which we can take some credit for ;) ).

Another thing we all love about Le15 is their ability to think out of the box and constantly try to come up with innovative and creative ideas to keep things fresh and exciting.

To this end, they have recently launched a special and exclusive Limited Edition collection, in which their regular menu will be recreated with the help of different combinations and inspirations.

This week their Limited edition collection takes its inspiration from the cheese cakes of New York, with everything from macarons to cupcakes, re-vamped with a cheesecake "twist".

Our challenge was to create a distinct identity unit for the #LimitedEdition project, which we could apply to all communication, packaging and positioning of each new theme and concept introduced as part of this project.

Once the design unit was conceptualized and created, we then developed the classic Pink and White box (with the pink ribbon) and a beautifully simple white Carry Bag to extend the project's look and feel.

Since Le15 Patisserie is a classic French inspired pastry shop, our design influences for this project have been classic French advertisements and various French Victorian wrought iron signages and chandeliers.

A new #LimitedEdition menu will be released by Le15 Patisserie every other month

They started the first one with their take on Cheesecake.

• Paris meets New York

On the Menu:
• Raspberry Cheesecake Macaron • Cheesecake Choux • Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie
• Cheesecake Tarts • Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Cups

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